About Us

Our History

In 1990 Dr. RJ Schuff took over the Schuff Veterinary Hospital in Woodruff Wisconsin from a classmate, moving his family from Green Bay Wisconsin where he practiced in a 5 doctor practice. A few months after he arrived he made his first new hire in Janell Westimayer who still works for the practice to this day.

It has been a fairly common occurrence for employees to come and stay with us for years. Our current employees and doctors have a total combined time of service to this practice of well over 100 years. To our clients, that means experience, reliability, and continuity of care. It is to our great delight to be caring for patients owned by clients who came to the practice as toddlers with their parents.

Dr. RJ Schuff practiced solo for the majority of his career at the Schuff Veterinary Hospital but in 2018 his youngest son Dr. Jared and his wife Dr. Cassidy graduated from his veterinary alma mater and now both work at our hospital.

Will there be a third generation of Schuff Veterinarians at the Schuff Veterinary Hospital? Dr. RJ Schuff and his wife Joanna have six grandchildren who are all endowed with the “love of animals” gene.

The future of service to our community for the Schuff Veterinary Hospital looks bright indeed.

Paperless Practice

Our founder, Dr. RJ Schuff has always had a passion for working with computers and has had the practice computerized since 1991. The use of veterinary practice management software has allowed us to track the needs of our patients and to make sure reminders for vaccines and services are sent at just the right time. In anticipation of his son Jared and his daughter-in-law Cassidy joining the practice in 2018, and realizing that his handwriting was largely illegible, he implemented a change that moved the practice to a paperless workflow. This involved changing veterinary practice software, which allows us to attach any kind of digital file to our client and patient records. Your pet may have photos, videos, radiographs, sound files, and text files all as a part of their record. No more illegible doctor’s handwriting. All information and data are either attached to the patient’s file in a digital format or typed into the record. If you need a copy of all of your pet’s records, it is a mouse click away from being sent off to you or a referral specialist. We still have printers if a hard copy is needed. It took us a few months of considerable effort and a pair of high-speed scanners to convert all our old records into a digital PDF format but we feel it was all worthwhile for the increased efficiency and accuracy the change brings to our practice.